Monday, August 23, 2010

Karibu! Join me in my latest endeavor to run 104 miles in 8.4 weeks to raise $1,004. Why am I doing this? To promote awareness of the millions of AIDS orphans in Africa that lack the basic necessities such as a good education.

HIV/AIDS is the greatest epidemic that
Africa faces. Did you know that a stunning 13 million out of the 15 million AIDS orphans worldwide are in Africa? That one in five adults in sub-Saharan Africa is HIV positive!
I along with several other Peak4Poverty enthusiasts have a personal goal to help raise money for the AIDS orphans. You can follow their progress on

The money that I raise will be donated to AIDS orphanages and will be put towards buying books, school supplies and paying tuition fees.
Every dollar donated takes us one step closer in helping the less fortunate!

Cheers for visiting my blog and stay posted as I relay my progress with y'all.

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